Blackjack @ 3 (DNA #226692)                                                      Gross Total Score 386 4/8 in. & 41 6/8 in. wide                                     Frontal view


Superstitch @ 3 (Womb brother to Blackjack!)                                        Superstitch (DNA#226690)                      Big Guns (Overnight Express/Shadow/20-20)


Big Guns @ 3 (DNA# 207921)                                              Greenstar (Bambi 727/Maxbo/Bambi Double Drop)                   Greenstar @ 5 (DNA#149388)


Spanish Dagger (Gladiator XL/Dagger Drop/Double Drop)                     Spanish Dagger @ 3                                          Heavy Load @ 6 (DNA#125543)


Heavy Load (B1065/Express/Maxbo/Cactus Jr.)                Kill Switch (Triple Crown/Express/Woodard 727 Jr.)                      Kill Switch @ 4 (DNA#178192)


David & Jon measuring a stocker buck                  Jonathan with Overnight Express daughter Pink 2                    Hanging out with Yardline daughter, Pink 4


Intern Brittany getting some fawn love                                         First set of fawns (2017)                                                                Pretty blues!


All cuddled up in bed                                                                                Jon with fawn                                                                                      Brother & Sister


Catching up on some zzzz’s                                                                       Is it milk time yet?                                                      Can you see me now?