About Us

Experienced South Texas Deer Breeders

As deer breeders, we strive for animals that are strong and healthy. We pride ourselves on producing does, trophy bucks, and stocker bucks worthy of your herd — animals that would make any South Texas hunter itch to grab their gun or bow and take aim. We produce deer with impressive racks to rival any of the trophy animals you have at home, or the ones you’ve been eying on your buddies’ walls.

Dedicated Deer Breeders – With the Epic Racks to Back Us Up

Simply put, we know what we’re doing when it comes to breeding deer. We’re experienced and we’re committed to breeding superior animals. We can provide detailed information about the genetics of our trophy bucks and does. Thanks to this dedication as deer breeders, our bucks sport incredible racks that prove hands down why Blackjack Whitetails is the top destination for deer breeders.

What they say about Texas proves true thanks to our deer breeders — everything’s bigger at Blackjack Whitetails, including the legendary racks on our well-bred bucks.

Certifications and Memberships

We hold ourselves to high standards as deer breeders, and we’ve been recognized for our excellence in the industry. Blackjack Whitetails is a proud member of the following organizations for professional deer breeders.

Texas Deer Association
Deer Breeders Corporation



When you bring home racks from Blackjack Whitetails, no one can top your trophy room. Call 210-889-3962 or 210-639-0051 today to learn more about our deer!