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Deer breeding done right.

Our state-of-the-art facility in South Texas leads the way when it comes to deer breeding. Why? Because we not only understand the science behind the process, but as hunters, we know the motivation behind genetic manipulation: to produce a healthy, hearty lineage of trophy bucks that are challenging and satisfying to take down.

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Rigorous Deer Breeding Standards
We hold the animals we breed to a high regard at Blackjack Whitetails; this means we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to deer breeding. Our deer are kept in comfortable facilities that provide freedom to range. We want to produce the highest-quality animals, so we ensure a high quality of life for the bucks and does involved in our deer breeding operations.
A Proud Deer Lineage
Our quality herd has a history we’re proud of. While other deer breeding operations may share lineages that seem a little fuzzy, we’re happy to provide a straightforward family tree so you can trace how each buck or doe descended. There’s nothing for us to obscure because our deer breeding is done right. Each animal that comes out of our deer breeding operation comes with a lineage.
Our Breeder Bucks, Stocker Bucks, & Does
While the science behind deer breeding can be complex, it all comes down to a simple equation — a quality buck + a strong doe = an impressive herd. We produce trophy whitetail deer and hardy stocker bucks to fill in your hunting operations. We take pride in sharing information on the animals that make our deer breeding such a success.

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